Fashion’s Business Model for Sustainability

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Sustainability is not a buzzword. Or a trend. It’s the fashion industry’s major mandate—and the urgency is greater than most even realize. The challenge goes beyond embracing organic cotton and repurposing cutting floor waste—sustainability is directly tied to apparel’s struggle to be profitable. Inventory excess is undermining investment due to heavy costs related to waste. This is why it’s time for a radical, actionable roadmap to drive eco-conscious change.
Join Sourcing Journal on July 8 as leading experts explain how to transform fashion with capital and culture as the keys to creating both sustainability and profitability. We’ll lay out the financial, operational and marketing roadmap for achieving and accelerating sustainability goals. We’ll demonstrate how process innovation and data science can be used to devise tangible metrics for measuring financial value and mapping out strategies for the future.
The industry recognizes the need for sustainable change. Now it’s time to talk the metrics, mapping and tools to get there.

Animal Welfare

Supporting #WoolwithaButt

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Livestock production systems must re-consider any “norms” which rely on management interventions which involve mutilations. It is time to think outside the box and look for non-invasive solutions.  Let’s take responsibility for our industries, identify the challenges and find the solutions before they are forced upon us by consumer campaigns. Traditional Merino sheep strains in Australia have woolly wrinkles and folds around the tail and breech area, which are highly susceptible to flystrike. For years, the prevention method has included the removal of the folds of skin around the breech. There are several methods for removing this skin using sharp […]